Student Excellence Awards

Trevor Nichols, staff writer

The Katy ISD Student Excellence Awards are presented to seniors throughout every high school in the district. The twelve seniors from each high school who are deemed to have reached the highest level of achievement within their awarded subject area are recognized, along with their parents, at a district awards dinner at the Merrell Center.

“It’s always good to win an award, but it’s better when you win it for doing something you like,” senior Saif Ali said. “For me, that’s social studies.”

Student Excellence Awards were given to senior Nicole Chu in the category of English, senior Philippa Hack in mathematics, senior Camilo Ruiz in science, senior Saif Ali in social studies, senior Andrew Han in foreign language, and senior Savannah Tarpey in career tech education.

In the fine arts division, Excellence Awards were given to senior Anne Theil in band, senior Lindsay Bartlett in choir, senior Elizabeth Breitschopf in dance, and senior Hayley Hunt in theater.

“It’s really a huge honor, especially since I know there are many incredibly talented writers in our class,” senior Nicole Chu said. “Really, more than anything else, I’d say the award reflects the remarkably high caliber of our English department. Everything I know about writing, I learned here, from Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Marquez, Mrs. Sullivan, and Mrs. Shank. They’re fantastic teachers and people.”

Seniors Pedro de Souza and Amy Claire Howard were awarded excellence-at-large awards, deemed to have achieved the most in overall academics.

“This is a huge honor,” senior Amy Claire Howard said. “I am so grateful for teachers who have invested in my education and friends who have encouraged me along the way.”

KISD Excellence Award winners will be honored at the Awards Dinner Banquet on May 17 at the Merrell Center.

“I was quite surprised that I was chosen for the at-large category considering all the amazing people that are in the Class of 2012,” senior Pedro de Souza said. “I feel privileged for the opportunities and challenges my time at Cinco Ranch has provided me.”