Chinese classes host cultural talent show

Taral Patel, News Editor

 KatyISD Chinese classes organized a student-led, district-wide cultural talent show on Dec. 2 from 3:45 p.m. to 6 p.m. Students from Cinco Ranch, Taylor, Morton Ranch, and Seven Lakes High Schools performed a variety of different pieces including skits, songs, poems, comic dialogues, martial arts, and chants. 

The event entertained a crowd that covered the expanse of the Cinco Ranch large group instruction room.”I think the cooperation of the schools can allow different students to showcase their talents, and cooperation can also improve the individual relationships between all students,” Seven Lakes freshman Haixiang Yu said. 

From a wide variety of traditional venues, many Cinco students combined aspects of different cultures for their performances For example, a contemporary approach to classical Chinese dance was performed by senior Robert Frederick, junior Kevin Guo, senior Kevin Wurangian, and senior Tiger Wu. The piece, titled “Ultimate Chinese Fan Dance Experience”, was accompanied by sophomore Joey Gu, junior Wei-shien Koh, senior Casey Kuo, and senior Raymond Xu on a violins and cellos. 

“The afternoon provided a completely new perspective of combining contemporary dance techniques with classical, Oriental culture,” sophomore Joey Gu said. 

The talent show showed the talents of individual students and collective group performances.

 “It went pretty well,” Wu said. “When we were rehearsing, one person was always missing. [We were] overjoyed that we pulled it off. I felt like a liberated butterfly in a rainforest.”