Orchestra strings in win

Taral Patel, News Editor

The Cinco Ranch High School Symphony Orchestra has been named a National Winner in the Mark of Excellence/National Orchestra Honors Project by the Foundation for Music Education, winning the Full Orchestra award. The Symphony Orchestra submitted samples of their performances from the 2010 Midwest Clinic last December in Chicago, Ill. to the Foundation for Music Education.

 The orchestra submitted audio and visual versions of intricate and extensive pieces, which consisted of music from all levels of composition, including easy, intermediate, and difficult pieces. The students participated in afterschool rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday of every week last year in preparation for the competition.

 “The students worked long hours and worked very hard to prepare for this concert,” Orchestra director Brett Nelson said.

  At times, many orchestra students feel underrepresented in the student populace, but also find many reasons to celebrate the award.

 “People always talk about theater and art which have events such as performances and rodeo art shows,” senior Mary Jung said. “When our music is played on the announcements and people congratulate us in the hallway—it makes the effort completely worthwhile and rewarding.”

 Orchestra students had to balance their schoolwork and rehearsals to prepare their pieces. The work they put into getting ready for their competitions, helped mold important life lessons.

 “With the stress of junior year inundating many orchestra students, we had to work in an efficient and smart manner to manage time very effectively,” Orchestra Vice President Nicole Chu said.

 Cinco orchestra is preparing a tape for the Honors Orchestra competition which essentially recognizes extraordinary performances and exceptional programs in Texas.

 “Right now, we are working really hard to prepare the tape for Honors Orchestra, which is one of the most prestigious music competitions in Texas,” senior Jaime Cazares said. “We are also meeting high standards that will never drop for our orchestra and making it the best it can be.” Another Katy ISD school, Garland McMeans Junior High, was also honored in the Full Orchestra and String categories.