National Merit Semifinalists Announced


22 Cinco Ranch High School students have qualified as National Merit Semifinalists. Front Row: Tanny Liu, Rachel Stepanek, Ariana Peruzzi, Evan Zhang Second Row: Associate Principal Patti Smith, Mary Jung, Amber Wang, Nicole Chu, Camilo Ruiz, Bert Zhang, Varun Bora, Selena Ilbeig Back Row: Principal James Cross, Brian Lambert, Jonathan Crookham, Matthew Stromberg, Kevin Yates, Megan Zhang, Rohit Rekhi, Amy Yu, Amy Chen, Yuxuan Liu, Senior Principal David Calfee Not pictured: Raymond Han, Raymond Xu

Taral Patel, News Editor

CollegeBoard has named 22 Cinco seniors as semifinalists in the National Merit competition based on high PSAT scores. Semifinalists continue in the competition to become Finalists for approximately 8,300 National Merit Scholarships worth over $34 million. To advance to the Finalist level, Semifinalists must complete a separate application as well as provide proof of SAT scores. All semifinalists that advance to the higher round of Finalists will be notified in the second semester of their senior year.

 “I feel honored; being with the top 1% of [test takers] in the United States is encouraging,” senior Camilo Ruiz said.  “Moreover, the potential of scholarship money will help with our future education.”

Many, including National Merit semifinalists, believe the competition is not completely evaluative of student intelligence but does provide a nice stipend for working hard.

“I don’t think that the PSAT can evaluate the intelligence of every student because lots of smart people that I know made scores under the requirement score to advance showing the fallacies of standardized testing,” senior Varun Bora said. “National Merit, although, does provide a nice reward for a group of high achieving students across the United States.”