From sky to stage; Hunt pursues theatre dream

Molly Wade, Staff Writer

With the high stress of finding a major and choosing a college, decisions have to be made. Sometimes the outcome is unexpected and sometimes the answer was there all along. For senior Haley Hunt, choosing her future was not easy.

“I was actually between theatre and aviation,” Hunt said. “My grandfather flies planes and so does my uncle and I started flying about two summers ago.”

Because her brother and sister were in theatre before her, her family was very accustomed to the routine of shows and rehearsals.

“My family is always very supportive, because my brother and sister were both in theatre and they understand what it takes and what each position does,” Hunt said. “I’ve been working on my private pilot’s license, so that was the other big option for a really long time.”

At the end, Hunt decided on attending the University of Cincinnati to study technical design and production with an emphasis on stage management. She prefers to keep flying as a hobby and pursue theatre in school. She attributes her success in theatre to her family and her directors for giving her all the opportunities she received.

“She has been dedicated to the program since, literally, the moment she came in,” theatre teacher Stephen Brown said. “We are all very proud of her.”

Hunt got her start in theatre in junior high when her theatre teacher John Holt gave her the role of stage manager. Hunt was surprised by this, but quickly found that she had a love for being on crew rather than being out on the stage.

“I love just the feeling of seeing everyone come together and seeing all of the different aspects of the show come together,” Hunt said.