‘Don’t Stop Believin’ in change for radio

Emily Burleson, Staff Writer

Calling all Houston music radio stations; abort mission. It is time to revamp the way the you play music. An epidemic of overplaying is sweeping Houston airwaves and it’s time for a change. Radio stations should work on introducing new music to listeners they would not otherwise hear and vary their playlists to include more songs, while still keeping listeners interested with funny rush-hour shows.

Who else is sick of hearing their favorite song played, then replayed, then replayed again? The main goal of radio stations is to make money, but a good radio plays listeners’ favorites and introduces them to what’s new in the music industry.

However, our favorite radio stations overplay good songs and turn them from catchy to catastrophic.

A leading example is “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye (cue the groans from the disgruntled music lovers).  About nine months ago this song was on the iTunes Top 10 list. Within a week, it was on the radio. By spring break, everyone knew it – and loved it. By finals? It was the song everyone loved to hate.

This trend of overplaying the über-popular music really exploded when Adele’s single, “Rolling in the Deep”, came out two years ago. Although it is the job of the DJs to play popular music, most people would agree they overdid it.

This trend appears to have gotten worse, if only because artists like Cher Lloyd, Fun. and Katy Perry don’t have the universal appeal Adele has.

But not all is bad with Houston radio. The morning shows are what keeps people listening – they are great.  The whole drive to school is entertaining with “Second Date Update” on 93Q, “Stupid News” on Hot 95.7 and Kid Kraddick & crew on Mix 96.5.

Houston radio is going in the right direction during the AM hours. All we music lovers ask is this: DJs, keep doing your job, but don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit.