College Board plans changes to 2016 SAT

Last spring, College Board announced they plan to alter the structure of the SAT starting in 2016, with alterations focusing on practicality.

Focus on college vocabulary

The redesigned SAT allows students to interpret the chosen words in passages. These words will be commonly used in high school and college. Students will no longer need to study specific SAT words but more general terms.

Content change in the reading and

Essays will soon incorporate informational graphics, texts regarding science, history, and social studies. Some questions will cover selecting direct quotes from passages. Students will grammatically correct sentence structures in paragraphs.

The new essay

The new SAT essay is optional. Students will read a passage and analyze how the writer persuades an audience. In contrast to the argument papers, the new essay will concentrate more on analysis.

More specific math test

The math section will concentrate more on problem solving and data analysis, fundamentals of Algebra, and the beginning of advanced math. Current studies conclude that these areas are most crucial for both college and future careers. Colleges will also include important geometric and trigonometric skills.

Analyzing science and history

Students will use their reading skills to analyze recent discoveries, politics, global events, and health and environmental issues. They will have to use their skills to analyze recent discoveries, developments and events happening around the world, and various environmental and health issues.

No penalty for wrong answers

In order to urge students to try their best on every question, there is no more penalty for wrong answers.