Seven Lakes High School student in custody after bringing ‘zip gun,’ causing evacuation

UPDATE: 1/15/2014

Seven Lakes High School senior Thomas Barfield is in custody at the Fort Bend County Jail. His bond is set at $20,000 and he is charged with a third-degree felony for possession of a prohibited weapon.

His backpack was found in the 9th Grade Center and contained a ‘zip gun,’ or homemade explosive device. After a search, a hunting rifle was found in Barfield’s car.

School resumed at the normal time Tuesday morning after all students were sent home early Monday afternoon. Every car parked on school property was searched before license-holding students could drive home.



Students and faculty at Seven Lakes High School in Katy ISD evacuated the building around 10 a.m. Monday. Bomb threats are currently being investigated after potential explosive device was found in a backpack.

“We have now learned from authorities that a potential explosive device has been identified in the building,” district officials said in an email released Friday morning.

Students are waiting on the school’s football field during the investigation.

“Life skills students have been evacuated to Seven Lakes Junior High,” the Houston Chronicle reported. “Water was being provided to the students and staff as needed.”

District officials and school administration are urging parents not to come to the school as it may interfere with the investigation. Students who had previous appointments to leave early can be retrieved by parents after setting up arrangements with the school nurse.

“Anytime there’s any type of threat, whether its real or perceived, we always want to make sure that kids are safe and staff is safe,” district spokesman Steve Stanford said.

More details to come.