Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods” disappointing at best

Rachel Foreman, Staff Writer

After Justin Timberlake’s album “The 20/20 Experience” released in 2013, fans were eagerly anticipating his next masterpiece, but “Man of the Woods” fell short of high expectations.

There are 16 songs on his newest album, including “Filthy”, “Supplies”, “Say Something” feat. Chris Stapleton, and “Flannel”. There are few memorable songs on this album. His forgettable songs on Man of the Woods all feature similar pop sounds and generic, repetitive vocals.

His most played song, and the first song he performed at Super Bowl 51 is “Filthy”. “Filthy” has overpowering sound effects that disguise Timberlake’s voice. Most of the lyrics are hard to understand and annoyingly repetitive. The song sounds like Timberlake is trying to resurrect dubstep, and if this is the case, he is doing so unsuccessfully. The ending of this song features a lady whispering in your ear, asking if you see her out in the wilderness. The ending is sudden, weird, and uncomfortable. “Filthy” is the most disappointing, unbearable song on Man of the Woods, and sets a low bar for the rest of Timberlake’s album.

“Flannel” is a stand apart on this album, not because it is stunning and a must hear, but because it is a touching song where all the vocals are understandable and not overly repetitive. The lyrics are touching, and the acoustic guitar played for effect is a nice touch. “Flannel” has a country-pop vibe. Little complaint could be made about this song,  but once again, it is ruined by the same lady from “Filthy” whispering in your ear asking you “Do you see it?” and claiming “It’s in your blood” and “It’s in the air.” This amazing track was successfully destroyed by an unfortunate ending, making it difficult to listen to.

On Man of the Woods, there are two beautiful duets, “Morning Light” with Alicia Keys being one and “Say Something” with Chris Stapleton. Both of these duets are stunning. The vocals in “Morning Light” are pure and light. Timberlake’s and Key’s voices compliment each other and allowed them to create a stunning duet. The song is a very sweet love song, slow and easy.  With “Say Something”, a duet featuring country artist Chris Stapleton, many things could have gone wrong because Timberlake is a strong pop artist with a unique sound, but the pair created a truly amazing song with a catchy beat and powerful message.

Overall, Justin Timberlake’s album Man of the Woods was a disaster with a few hidden gems. Most songs were overwhelming or forgettable, but the few amazing soundtracks make listening to Timberlake’s album bearable.

Verdict: 3/10