Paddington 2, an amazing piece of family entertainment with no right to be as good as it is


Courtesy of StudioCanal

Based on a popular children’s book written in 1972, Paddington 2 raked in over $11 million dollars in the US on its opening weeked

Seth Ritchie, Contributing

Paddington 2, released Jan.12, 2018, is the sequel to 2015’s Paddington and follows the titular bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw), now settled down in London with the Brown family and bettering his neighborhood with his radiant optimism as he tries to find the perfect birthday present for his Aunt Lucy, unwittingly crossing paths with vengeful actor Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant).
Paddington 2 is a delightful movie, carried in large part by Paddington himself. Through Ben Whishaw’s pitch perfect voice acting and CGI that is equal parts realistic and adorable, Paddington is a fully fleshed out, dynamic character that centers the film and its themes. The cast surrounding Paddington is equally well performed, highlights including Grant in the villainous and almost meta role of Phoenix and Brendan Gleeson as Knuckles McGinty, the short tempered, violent chef ultimately won over by Paddington and his marmalade sandwiches. Paddington 2 is also surprisingly funny, with moments like Paddington’s “hard stare” and a full song and dance number in the end credits The movie also delivers a strong message to find the good in all people judging them that most kids, and their parents, will appreciate.
Now comes the fun part of trying to find something wrong with this movie. The problem is, there is nothing negative that can be said about it. There are some nitpicks that one can draw, like lackluster greenscreen effects and some legal practices being dropped for the sake of a happy ending, but as far as actual complaints, there are none.
Paddington 2 currently has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, making in on par with Citizen Kane and better than such classics as The Godfather, Taxi Driver, and Pulp Fiction. While some may say that it does not reach for the cinematic themes approached by other classics, Paddington 2’s message is pure, characters are surprisingly charming, and is the best time you can have in the theater in the stale month of January.

VERDICT: 10/10