Two Door Cinema Club rocks Bayou Center


Sam Halliday performing on Nov. 5 at the Bayou Center.

Two Door Cinema Club, an indie  band from Northern Ireland consisting of Alex Trimble (main vocals), Sam Halliday (main guitar and backing vocals) and Kevin Baird (main bassist and backing vocals), have gained a massive underground  fan base since their early days in 2007. They mostly rose to popularity by being supporting acts for bands such as Foals and Phoenix. They realeased Tourist History in 2010 and Beacon in 2012, both earning positive reviews, and have been able to tour worldwide putting an excellent show each time, and Nov. 5  at the Bayou Music Center was no exception.

The last time I saw Two Door Cinema Club was just last year in October when they played at the House of Blues with supporting act Friends. Now playing at a bigger venue, they decided to spoil the audience with not only one but two opening acts. In comparison to Friends, Bad Veins and St.Lucia were much better performers  and musicians with their rock and electronic mix that fit well with TDCC’s vibe. The bands interacted  with the audience in a personal level by throwing their drumsticks into the pit and taking Instagram pictures of them.

The trio greeted the audience with, “Sleep Alone”, the first single of their lastest LP, ‘Beacon,’ and they were welcomed with screams coming from the pit and balcony areas of the venue. They played mostly ‘Beacon’ songs in the beginning, adding in “Changing of the Seasons” their newest single from their EP of the same name and concluding the show with old hits from their freshman album, ‘Tourist History.’

The boys seemed to not take many breaks in between songs, stopping briefly to drink from their water bottles, but even then they tried to find ways to interact with the audience. During “The World is Watching”, Alex encouraged the audience to clap along with the beat and gave them full vocal control over the chorus throughout the entire song. Being on opposite sides of the stage, Sam and Kevin tried to get as close to the railing as possible, but since there was a huge gap between the pit and the stage itself, they settled on standing on the light box that was located closest to the gap for fans to take pictures of them, as well as ocassionally smiling for a few of them.

Like many bands, TDCC   made subtle changes to a few songs by changing the harmonies, but decided to end the concert with an unforgettable one. The last song of the concert “What you Know”, began with an acapella version of the chorus and slowly transitioned to the real beginning of the song. You could feel the excitement and bewilderment of the audience when the track began, not expecting them to do that since their last concert did not contain any acapella moments.

Towards the end, each band member gave small speeches thanking the audience for coming and supporting them through the years and ending it with the usual “You’re the best audience we’ve ever had!” line. Nonetheless the band put on an amazing show with equally amazing opening acts that truly captured the audiences attention as well as making them enjoy themselves by forgetting about reality even if it was only for a couple of hours.