‘ Everything Has Changed’: Swift impresses with “Red”

' Everything Has Changed': Swift impresses with

Gabrielle Deckelman, Features Editor

Taylor Swift released her fourth album titled “Red”, on Monday, Oct 22.  Known for her bitter love songs aimed towards the hearts of ex-boyfriends, Swift’s album hit number one on iTunes in 31 countries after being released for only one day.

“Red” reclassifies Swift. Previously known for her country style, Swift turns this album into a sixteen-song series of both dancing-around-the-room, pop oriented tracks and coffee house inspired acoustics – and she does it well.

Swift starts her streak with the release of single “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. This edgy and up-beat anthem had the ears of millions listening for more as this song accumulated the most digital downloads ever. Weeks later Swift released another track titled “I Knew You Were Trouble”, a stereotypical masterpiece on the side effects of heartbreak.

Starting track “State of Grace” sets the tone with a mixture of electric guitar and drums in the introduction reflecting the rest of the album, revolving around the unexpected moments of love and heartbreak.

Named after the title of the album, “Red” begins with the simile “loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street”, immediately making you question her word choice, wondering if this song is worth listening too, or just another one of Swift’s rants. Describing the stages of a relationship: blue, dark grey and red, Swift’s numerous similes paired up with her beat-oriented tone of voice make you want to hit the replay button.

“22” is fun, is catchy although she is starting to sound like pop artist Ke$ha. This is a perfect example of Swift’s new tendency to veer towards the more pop genre of the music industry, although she can pull it off with her catchy lyrics. The beat of the background music with the vocal emphasis on the number,  22, makes this song work.

In a song titled “Everything Has Changed”, Swift duets with British singer Ed Sheeran.It is brilliant. Swift could not have chosen a better partner to harmonize with in this feel-good, first-love melody. With both voices completely in sync, the rhythm of the acoustic guitar brings the song together.

Swift returns with another album mixed with the highs and lows of falling in love.Swift sticks to her classic storybook acoustics but also shows off her vocal range with the addition of promising new tracks.

Her ability to switch from upbeat pop to slow acoustic tracks have given her the ability to attract more listeners than any album before.