Experimental group continues to create new sounds

Experimental group continues to create new sounds

Released on Sept. 4, 2012, Centipede Hz manages to maintain Animal Collective’s unique sound while still experimenting with innovative effects.

Shiva Mirzahaidar, Voice Editor

The neo-psychedelic group Animal Collective recently released Centipede Hz, their ninth studio album.

The group has been a leader of experimental rock since the start of the new millennium, evolving their garish, vibrant sound into a dreamy collection of roused vocals that are seamlessly weaved into layers of melodic rhythms with Centipede Hz.

This album presents rich tracks that paint vibrant hues together in a lovely mixture that just works.

Lead-off track “Moonjock” features radio frequencies and vivid clatters enveloped around vocals, setting the tone for the album.

In comparison to the wispy vibe of “Wide Eyed,” tracks such as “Monkey Riches” prove to be denser, as multiple tunes are played over one another.

The track “Amanita” wraps up the album with a plethora of gypsy-like harmonies that guides the listener through a mystical world of multihued, shadowy echoes.

The use of animated effects and full beats has been a trademark for the group through all nine albums, however it all seamlessly ties together in Centipede Hz by incorporating both new and old accents.

With a devoted fan base and ability to stay relevant, Animal Collective only continues to flourish and grow.

Released in 2009, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Collective’s most critically acclaimed album, is lined with more pop influences, which may give fans of their number one hit “My Girls” a reason to stray away from their latest LP.

The contrast between albums only reflects the group’s ability to refine their sound, not alter it to the point beyond recognition.

However, both albums incorporate Animal Collective’s playful vibe while merging together lush melodies, poetic lyrics, and bouts of spontaneity.

This contrast of textures and tones between tracks gives the album what others from the experimental genre lack: true courage to experiment.

The uniqueness of Animal Collective’s ability to mesh together fluidity and fire in one album is what gives them their prominent position in the music industry.