Hoping for Harmony

In this generation, where human beings communicate through a bright screen instead of having to experience actual, messy, physical and emotional contact, the integrity of music content and management corrupts through our temporary, trending culture. Today, the lack of artistic vision is inevitably allowing industries to overtake and diminish the power behind music.

Industries and artists have forgotten the important idea that music moves. Artists have a worldwide audience; unfortunately many of today’s artists do not see the power they have to convey powerful, moving lyrics.

The qualities of current popular songs are in decline because of the lull in originality and creativity of artists. This lack of vision and genuine drive for success in artists give way for corporation labels to take charge in the wrong direction toward fame.

Music is capable of influencing our culture and has the power to change the world. Musical revolutions like in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s happen when there are artists like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and other inventors. Great music happens when artists push themselves into the unknown and are constantly trying to show something new to the public. Unfortunately, in the past two decades the artistic world has failed to provide its audience with any revolutionary musical movements.

Though some may blame the technological revolution as a cause for this degradation; using today’s technology as an advantage to help revolutionize modern culture could lead to a new musical movement. Technology can help make the perfect mix of art and commercialization. Maybe the soul of music hasn’t been lost in translation.