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Tejas George

Senior Tejas George, a key member of the CRyptonite Robotics Team, will be continuing his passion for STEM this fall as he attends Purdue University for Computer Science.

Donovan Nichols, News Editor

May 12, 2020

Senior Tejas George says he practically eats, sleeps, and breathes robotics; a dedicated member of the CRyptonite robotics team, he estimates he puts in nearly 400 hours every spring semester, January through April, working on the robot during build season, preparing and updating it between and at comp...

Robotics team works to qualify for World Championships

Claire Haigwood, Staff Writer

March 29, 2018

CRyptonite Team 624 traveled to San Diego, California to participate in a FIRST Robotics regional tournament, the first of five in which they will work to qualify for World Championships, which will be held in Houston from April 18th to the 21st. “The robot this year is called Pacrat and it’s de...

Head over wheels for robotics

The students and mentors  work together to complete the robot.

Samuel Teas, Staff Writer

March 23, 2015

It’s 7:00 pm on any weeknight. Club members enter the build site and gather around the whiteboard. Students begin to work on drive trains, elevators, and software. Everybody is doing something. These students aren’t playing around. These students are on the CRyptonite Robotics Team. “The...

Robotics goes undefeated in San Antonio tournament

Robotics goes undefeated in San Antonio tournament

Molly Wade

March 4, 2014

CRyptonite Team 624 attended the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition on Saturday March 1 and remained undefeated throughout the tournament. The regional tournament was located in San Antonio and the team took first in qualifying matches. They then partnered with the NASA Team 118 from Clear Lake ISD and...

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