Katy ISD bond passes with narrow margin


Eryn Lyle, Staff Writer

The Katy ISD School Bond was passed this week with a 55.2 percent approval rating, providing the district with over $700 million for renovations and expansion.

“After taking into consideration the input of all community members represented, [the Bond Committee] recommended to the Katy ISD Board of Trustees a $748 million bond to adequately address the District’s rapid growth and renovation needs,” Assistant Superintendent Tory Hill said.

With the population of Katy rapidly expanding, the community-led Bond Committee met last spring to decide how the district would accommodate the new growth. Over the course of four months and 13 meetings, members discussed more than 80 project line items to asses which would be supported by the bond.

“[The bond] includes funds for six new campuses and renovations to nearly 50 District facilities, which will add approximately 9,000 new classroom seats across Katy,” Hill said.

Besides six new schools and a new stadium, the bond will also cover renovations in most campuses across the district, a new agricultural center, the expansion of Miller Career Center and several junior highs, and classroom-scale upgrades on most campuses.

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