Audubon Society to bring live birds for Earth Day celebration

Molly Wade, Co-Editor in Chief

The Houston chapter of the Audubon Society will be in the LGI after school at 2:45 p.m. in celebration of Earth Day.

All students, teachers and parents are welcome to attend. The society members will be providing educational information about bird conservation and threats to various species.

Included with the presentation will be live birds of prey that can no longer live in the wild. Refreshments will be provided by the Parent Teacher Student Association which is hosting the event.

The Audubon Society was recently involved in cleanup efforts after the recent oil spill in the Houston Ship Channel. They encountered more than 50 oiled birds after the 170,000 gallons were released into the Gulf of Mexico. The birds were found inside of Bolivar Flats, one of the society’s sanctuaries.

The Houston Audubon Society runs 17 bird sanctuaries that protect and rehabilitate wildlife.