The Hall Is Their Runway

Students Show Off Their Individual Styles


by Gabrielle Synnai Fletcher

Students of Cinco Ranch model their best fashion attire including seniors Lifted Lamai,Nora Sherif, Chris Dunn, and junior Alyssa Hale.

Gabrielle Synnai Fletcher, Staff Writer

Cougars are released with a passion for fashion! When roaming the halls of school, the first thing that is noticed about people is what attire they are wearing on your body. Just a few pieces of clothing can speak a thousand words. Fashion has shown to have a great effect on who we are as individuals and how we are feeling as students of Cinco Ranch speak on what their style is and how it affects their lives. Junior Alyssa Hale is a current participant in art classes and she talks about her style. 

“I’m most inspired by gothic modern, vintage, and artsy styles, but I typically wear modern,” Hale said, “My clothes are a way to express myself in a way that makes me feel confident and boundless. Since I feel that I can wear whatever I want, it makes me feel like there’s no limit to my clothing or my life,”

Most people don’t initially realize that fashion has much to do with what makes them who they are as a person and how it is represented through our clothing. Even human emotions are displayed through clothing and clothing is a representation of the personality you endure. Senior Lifted Lamai is a street style enthusiast. Her sense of fashion is very feminine with a taste of an edge style to it. She talks about how fashion builds her into the person she is today. 

“My style definitely affects my mood. It makes me feel unreachable and proud in the humblest way,” Lamai said, “It has definitely changed my attitude and made me much more bold and mature.”

Although fashion can have positive outlets in people’s lives, it can also cause an individual to be looked at differently. 

“I have been picked on for my style before, but I try to remember that there’s always going to be someone that disagrees with you, so you can’t let it get to you,” Hale said. 

Hale embraces her style and wears it with a smile. She is aware of her uniqueness but doesn’t allow it to overcome her self-consciousness downsize her style. 

“I have been picked on for how I dressed, and now looking back I’d probably pick on me too,” Lamai said, “It hurt me and of course but I didn’t show it, never that.”

Fashion can also spark ideas of a future or even a successful hobby. Senior Nora Sherif talks about how she dreams of starting her own fashion line with close friends of hers.  

“Sustainable fashion is rare and a lot more expensive in the fashion industry, many people, including myself, struggle to support such a cause,” Sherif said. “If I were to start my own clothing line, I would love to create a sustainable brand that is more accessible and affordable to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of fast fashion.” 

Clothes can be designed but there has to be someone willing to wear them. Senior Chris Dunn, current member of the Cinco Ranch Football team, says that his confidence in his iconic and unique style has influenced him in wanting to pursue a career in the fashion industry. 

“I wanna start my own clothing line and model for Christian Dior, Polo, and Ralph Lauren. One day, I want to be on Paris men’s fashion week,” Dunn said. 

What people wear on a daily basis has an affect on them each and every day. From choosing between which belt goes with which pair of jeans to which shoe goes with which shirt, to walking out the front door of your home to the doors of the school building. Fashion has a tremendous effect on people’s lives because it allows them to be expressive with just their outer appearance. What the eye sees is what the eye perceives about yourself and others.

“Fashion has helped me build confidence, boost my self esteem, and overcome my self doubt during high school, Sherif said, “I became more extroverted, and it felt easier overall to explore new things and step out of my comfort zone more frequently. This specific style has changed me in many ways I would say that everybody can express their self through fashion.”