Gravity gets real

As cinematography becomes more realistic, Director Alfonso Cuaron uses cutting edge graphics to create a new bone chilling reality in his new film Gravity, which is one of the most intense movies in theaters now.

Sandra Bullock, plays astronaut Ryan Stone who travels up to space on a trial mission and to escape her tragic past aided by George Clooney who plays a lighthearted veteran pilot on his last space mission with NASA. The film goes through the intense dangers of space with detail that makes the world in real life look dull. Each digitally crafted piece of the movie and believable responses from Bullock turns the basic story line into a thrilling unpredictable whirlwind of what its really like to be in the dangers of space.

“[Gravity] kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.” Senior Chandler Frutiger said, “There wasn’t a dull moment.”

Cuaron pays homage to past space movies with similar voice overs and repeated scenes from movies like Apollo 13 and WALL-E which have brought the digital animation to this level of realism. He also evokes the theme of rebirth for Bullock’s character throughout the movie, as well as common human emotions faced in space. Claustrophobia, panic, false security, are all replayed emotions which Cuaron intensifies through long uncut, uncensored shots.

The movie which raked in $55.6 million and overcame the previous box office scores for Carrie and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, as well as setting records for best autumn premiering film ever. Gravity truly raises a new standard for movies graphics and for cinema to come.