Homemade Horoscopes Part Two

In this article topics such as moon and ascendant signs are covered.


Nicole Campbell, Staff Writer

Astrology is a very complex topic, and people study it for years to understand every detailed part of it. In the last article(https://crhscountyline.com/features/2020/09/23/homemade-horoscopes/) sun signs and the basics of horoscopes were covered, but in this article the main focus will be on the moon and ascendant signs. 

Moon signs are often described as a person’s innermost feelings or how they might react to emotional situations or what someone might need to feel at peace. One other thing the moon sign shows is someone feels when they are comfortable and alone. The moon sign can also represent a person’s routine. The moon sign comes from the 12 different zodiac signs, the zodiac sign a person has for their moon will determine these things. The same thing applies to ascendant signs which is the next topic of conversation. Ascendant signs, sometimes called rising signs, can depict how a person looks, and how they identify themselves. It can often show in a person’s style or how present themselves. This placement can also be how other people may view a person. 

Down below you can find your horoscopes, and links to websites where you can figure out your moon and ascendant signs. 


Zodiac Sign  Horoscope 
Aries  Take some time off this week, you are more important than your work. 
Taurus  You got this, you’re working so hard and it’s going to pay off in the long run. 
Gemini  Maybe some big changes are happening in your life, just remember to trust your gut. 
Cancer  You’re doing so good right now, and working so hard but don’t forget to find time to rest. 
Leo Good things are coming your way, and you’re going to be successful.
Virgo  Take a deep breath, this week will be calm for you. 
Libra  Treat yourself, you deserve it. 
Scorpio  It’s your season! You’re going to have good luck. 
Sagittarius  Do something spontaneous and fun this week, it’ll recharge your energy. 
Capricorn  Maybe you’re feeling really tired and burnt out, just take it easy. 
Aquarius  Enjoy yourself, and take time to appreciate all the small things. 
Pisces Explore and try new things, it’s good to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while.