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Nicole Campbell, Staff Writer

This is the first article of the horoscope blog! Each article will teach people about different parts of an astrological chart, and astrology in general. Some topics that will be covered are, moon and ascendant signs, characteristics of each zodiac and much more.  Every few weeks, there will be something new everyone can learn, as well as a horoscope people can check. 

Horoscopes are based on a person’s astrological charts. Each person’s astrological chart varies depending on their birthday, where they were born, and what time they were born. They also rely on the positions of the planets at the time someone was born. Astrological charts consist of the 12 different zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign is named for a constellation. A person’s zodiac sign is determined by their birthday. There are set dates in which each zodiac sign falls.  The different zodiac signs also possess different traits, that show in a person’s behaviors and overall personality. 

The most important zodiac sign people have is their sun sign. To figure out someone’s sun sign, the only thing they need to know is their birthday. A person’s sun sign is their main personality. However, in an astrological chart there are sun, moon, and rising or ascendant signs. These are not the only factors of an astrological chart, but they are one of the most important parts of an astrological chart. To determine someone’s moon and ascendant sign they need their birthday, time of birth, and place of birth. There are many websites that will give people their complete astrological charts when this information is plugged in. The moon and ascendant signs can tell a person about qualities about themselves that maybe their sun sign doesn’t describe. However, for most horoscopes only a person’s sun sign is involved in the prediction. 

Horoscopes are small predictions for days, weeks or months, in a person’s life. They are based on your astrological sign, most commonly based off of the sun sign. Some people use tarot cards and other tools to create very accurate predictions for the signs, while others may just write sweet or funny predictions for the different signs. 

To find out your sun sign and weekly horoscope check down below. There will also be different websites to find out your entire astrological chart linked.  


Zodiac Sign  Dates Weekly Horoscope
Aries  March 21- April 19 This week will be eventful for you. Good things are coming your way. 
Taurus  April 20- May 20 Take it easy this week. Just remember to take care of yourself. 
Gemini  May 21- June 20  You have inspiration and big ideas coming your way. Be sure to express what you want. 
Cancer  June 21- July 22 Maybe the past few days have been rough for you, but things are looking up. This week will be filled with peace. 
Leo  July 23- August 22 You’ve been working so hard. You know you deserve the best, so be sure to find time to care for yourself. 
Virgo  August 23- September 22 You’re going to have a very productive week.You’re working hard to reach your goals, keep going you’re almost there.   
Libra  September 23- October 22 Take some deep breaths. Things are going to get better for you. 
Scorpio  October 23- November 21 It’s okay to open up and talk to people if you need help. Sometimes you can’t handle it all on your own. 
Sagittarius  November 22- December 21 You light up any room you go into, and you have many adventures and good times coming your way. 
Capricorn  December 22- January 19  Give yourself a break, and remember to find time to do things you enjoy, not just work. 
Aquarius  January 20- February 18 Be yourself! You are amazing and unique. Express yourself however you can. 
Pisces February 18- March 20  Remember to keep yourself grounded, don’t get too lost in your daydreams.