Dodie Clark Comes To Houston

British Musician to Play At the House Of Blues


Jordyn Guzman, Co-Editor-In-Cheif

Dodie Clark will be in Houston at the House Of Blues on September 23. Clark, a praised British YouTube star and singer-songwriter, has produced a total of three EPs with her most recent one, “Human”, making its debut in January of 2019. 

Her overall style can be attributed to the likes of artists such as Grace VanderWaal and mxmtoon. Focusing on her abilities on the ukulele, Dodie’s songs encompass mainly peppy beats with lyrics to match. This can be exhibited in songs such as “Would You Be So Kind?” and “Absolutely Smitten”. However, some of the songs do deal with more emotional topics which allow Dodie to show the diversity not only of her vocals but her ability to create deeper, more meaningful songs as well. 

Overall, Dodie’s concert is not one to pass up. She has established herself as a solid musician who appeals to many different demographics. Her chill attitude and calm stage presence only adds to the aesthetic of her musicality and her style. Her music is quick to please listeners and is very inviting and welcoming to anyone who may want to give it a listen.