Ruth B: Self-made Singer Enters Music World with “Lost Boy” EP


Ruth B’s EP, Lost Boy, contains the songs “Lost Boy,” “2 Poor Kids,” Superficial Love” and “Golden.”

Brynne Herzfeld, Voice Editor

Canadian singer Ruth B plunged into the music business in just six months, single-handedly rising through the ranks of Vine and YouTube to iTunes and a record contract. The combination of soft piano melodies and her simple vocals prevent the songs’ messages from getting lost among the music.
With her smooth, melodic voice, Ruth B’s songs could be equally beautiful without any instruments. She brings the narrative songs of Adele and the gentle melodies of Regina Spektor together to create uniquely beautiful songs and messages.
Her songs express values and ideas that are becoming less frequent in contemporary music, such as leading a meaningful life without being a household name in her song “2 Poor Kids.” This is an uncommon yet inspiring message, especially in a profession where fame is a valuable tool. Her first song, “Lost Boy,” partially inspired by the show Once Upon a Time, taps into her inner child who uses her fantasy about Peter Pan to flee the chaos and stress of reality, something students can identify with as exams and finals loom ever closer.
When she uploaded small snippet of the song to Vine and the full version to YouTube in January 2015, she quickly gained a fanbase of over two million followers and landed a record contract within six months. Her determination and raw talent carried her this far, and will, without a doubt, bring her even farther.