Yo La Tengo brings fresh sounds to indie rock


Shiva Mirzahaidar, Voice Editor

Fade is the thirteenth studio album from New Jersey band Yo La Tengo. Since 1984 this group has always stayed true to their particular signature sound.

This album offers Yo La Tengo’s at times jaunty, largely low-key side with a mellower side and quiet pep. Each track proves to be layered with humble textures and misty vocals. Instruments such as the organ and various horns swim through each track, creating a whispery tone to the record.

By incorporating lo-fi influences in tracks such as “Paddle Forward” and working into a smoother polish, this album provides key qualities that are easily received by listeners from varying backgrounds.

Fade provides a sense of calm through droning guitar work and fluid drumming while also incorporating their classic brand of pop influences. This juxtaposition seems to be a result of the group’s previous records blending into one easy to listen to stream of sound.

Yo La Tengo continues to make music from a place that is reminiscent of a lonely winter, as they rely on soft vocals that weave in and out of layers of new beats.

The groups sound has trimmed down throughout the years, gracefully altering itself along the way. However, each record proves timeless and Fade is no exception