‘Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer…’

These bite sized Christmas trees only took thirty minutes to prepare and decorate.

These bite sized Christmas trees only took thirty minutes to prepare and decorate.

Ana Gutierrez, Entertainment Editor

The colorful splendor from the lights across the street and the taste of hot chocolate on the tip of the tongue are just two clues that Christmas is here. Soon enough, the smell of cookies will fill the air as hungry relatives occupy your house for the holidays. Gift giving can be tricky at times, but giving creatively designed baked goods are a great way to spread the joy. Here are a few recipes that will satisfy both the tummy and the eye.

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees (Staff Favorite)

After much deliberation, the County Line staff selected the decorated waffle cones seen above as their favorite holiday food. Gingerbread house building can take hours and requires unbearable amounts of patience, so we found this alternative route. In order to construct these tiny masterpieces, purchase ice cream waffle cones, icing, green food coloring, and any decorative supplies you might be interested in such as sprinkles, M&M’s, gummies, and more. Add the green food coloring to icing, measure as desired, and cover the cone with the icing. Place the cone so it rests on its top and begin to decorate this delicious Christmas tree from top to bottom. White icing can also be used to make lines in a circular motion around the cone in the shape of tinsel.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Nutella is the international cure for heartache. Its chocolate richness can make the simplest appetizer into a delicious treat. This holiday season, stir 2 to 1.5 tablespoons of Nutella into a cup of hot milk, add marshmallows if desired, and enjoy the soothing taste of hot chocolate.

Reindeer Pancakes

Without the rush of preparing for school in the morning, days during the break will leave more time for more important things, such as eating. Cereal and yogurt are bound to get boring after a few days, so here is a way to have a fulfilling and entertaining breakfast.
Make two pancakes, one bigger than the other. Leftover pancake batter can be cooked into tiny pancakes good for the ears. On a separate pan, sear two to four bacon strips. Cut two slices of banana and place a blueberry on the side of each so they look like eyes. The nose can be a strawberry, tomato, or any other food item that resembles Rudolf’s red nose. Place the smaller pancake on top of the bigger one, hanging over the bottom edge a few inches. Use the bacon strips as antlers by placing them on the plate below the pancake. The eyes will go above the edge of the smaller pancake and the nose will go on its middle. Not only will this breakfast light up your day but it will also be a good photo opportunity for all the Instagrammers known for their artsy food pictures.

Red Nosed Marshmallows

Rudolf will come to life in your kitchen when you make these yummy reindeer look-a-likes. Dip a  marshmallow into fudge or melted chocolate and leave it to dry. Use pretzel sticks as antlers and a small, red jellybean or red M&M for the nose. Use a touch of white icing to place dots right above the nose to finish the face. Lastly, place a straw or lollipop stick into the bottom of the marshmallow and tie a red ribbon right where the two meet.

Fruit Christmas Tree

As wonderful as it would be to make cupcakes the new broccoli, our body would not recognize a difference. On the bright side, however, fruit and veggie trays can be arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree, as seen on the left. Even though the inside is what matters, a pretty outside can always trick the eye. Use melons, apple slices, or broccoli for the leaves. Use baby tomatoes for the tinsel. Pineapple and orange peels are good for the star, and coconut shavings can make your Texas tree into a Northerner by giving it a bit of snow.