“There’s an app for that”


Madeline Brisson, Staff Writer

If apps are not your favorite thing about smart phones, I do not know what is. These are some great hits currently available in the app store.

1. Where’s My Water

$.99. Where’s My Water is yet another addicting puzzle game. It challenges you to dig a perfect path with the swipe of a finger that will allow the water to flow through all three of the rubber ducks and reach the shower of a crocodile. With tons of new levels adding obstacles and brain teasers, you will be addicted in no time.

2. Pinterest

Free. For those who have gone Pinterest crazy and have spent countless hours “repining”, well now you can spend even more time on Pinterest; there is an app for your phone. Pinterest allows you to browse through millions of pictures that other users post in categorized “boards”. You can create all different categories of boards, varying from style and food to weddings. So now you have the ability to update that dream wedding board anytime, anyplace. Do not know how it could get better than that.

3. Instagram

Free. Instagram is a fast and quirky way to add a vintage flare to your everyday photos. With a variety of effects to choose from, you will always find one to suit your photo’s mood. Like Twitter, you can post the photos you edit so that they will appear on your followers’ feeds, to like or comment on.

4. Temple Run

Free. Temple Run is like a scene out of Indiana Jones and congratulations; it looks like you are Indiana Jones. The strangely addicting game consists of racing down ancient temple walls and cliffs, avoiding obstacles and reaching objectives. The competitiveness of reaching the ridiculously high scores and bragging it around to your friends will compel you to keep on playing.

5. Sound Hound

Free. We have all had that frustrating moment where you hear a song, whether it be in a store, in the car, or in a restaurant, and you love it but have no clue what it is called or who it is by. Well lucky for you there is an app for that. With Sound Hound all you have to do is hold your phone to where it can process the music playing and it will instantly tell you all the details of the song.

6. Action Movie FX

Free. Love explosions, action packed movies, and blow up scenes? Action movie allows you to fill all your favorite videos with multiple different types of explosions. Create the action movie you have always dreamed of directing.

7. Cut the Rope

$.99. Cut the rope is an extremely addicting brain teaser game, with new levels being added constantly, it never leaves things dull. The object of the game is to get the swinging piece of candy into the frog’s mouth. This is not nearly as easy as it sounds. It is definitely a game that will consume countless hours of your day.

8. Voxer

Free. Do you ever have the urge to share a strange noise? Have you ever felt that you must tell a story with all the sound effects so a text just will not do? No worries; that is what Voxer is here for. Just record a short voice memo of whatever it is you must send right this second and your friend will receive it shortly after and can listen to it whenever. This is perfect because honestly, texts do not always get the point across and obviously we are all too lazy to actually pick up the phone and call.