Singers shine on stage at Cinco Sings

Eilidh Gill

Juniors Marah Yamat and Reid Akers perform at Cinco Sings, which took place Jan 19.

Ellie Sedgwick, staff writer

The choir program hosted the fourth annual Cinco Sings on Jan. 19 with five novice performers dropping their apprehension to sing and perform.

“It was really fun,” sophomore Abbey Roberts said. “I felt like I would not get in at all. I was not nervous until I messed up my lines. That was when my voice got all shaky.”

Choir students love the show, especially being able to sing with students who are not in the class.

“I [was] pretty excited to see people who are not in choir actually,” sophomore Kaitlyn Kuhn said. “I heard a lot were funny in years past.”

Sophomore Rachel Ward has done the show before, and from what she remembers she enjoys it.

“Cinco Sings is such a great experience,” Ward said. “It is a show where anyone can sing without the pressure to be perfect.”

Junior Scotty Lewis appreciated the relaxed nature of the auditions where students sung in front of the choir teachers with all of their materials ready, including music and costumes.

However, according to Ward, the audition process was just like for any other choir performance she had done.

“It is more for the fun aspect rather than the full out performance,” Ward said. “It was nerve racking but almost any audition is.”

Sophomore Kourtney Tams signed up for the show with a different type of entertainment in mind.

“I [did] it with the ASL club,” Tams said. “The audience [was] probably be surprised because when I mentioned it to people, they got all confused. But I think they [enjoyed] seeing something different.”

Choir teacher Mr. Lee was happy with the show and what it meant to the other singers.

“It is good to remind people in an American Idol, The Voice, or X-Factor world that everyone can enjoy singing,” Lee said. “You get one voice in life, as unique as your fingerprint, and we believe you should use it.”