“Hats Off” to Chevelle

Sebastian De Castro, Staff Writer

The trio Chevelle proved themselves as true rock stars with their sixth album, “Hats Off to the Bull.” After a slight decline in their popularity since 2002’s “Wonder What’s Next”, Chevelle returns with heavier guitar riffs, deep and melodic lyrics, steady drum beats and a killer bass.

It’s safe to say this became a worthy comeback to their previous album, “Sci-Fi Crimes”, which held an overall lighter sound and represented modern day conspiracy theories.

“Hats off to the Bull” flows well, starting with the emotion-stirring single “Face to the Floor”, dauntingly fusing towards the angry-driven title track, and then slows down to the acoustic “Prima Donna”, only to jerk it back to a raunchy, loud and proud “Clones”, thus ending the album.

The recognizable sound of Chevelle returns with an eerier, heavier and emotional twist. Lead singer Pete Loeffler shows off his incredibly large vocal range in each song, going from high pitches to low, soft singing. Drummer Sam Loeffler improves his skills and varies beats in each song. Bassist Dean Bernardini plays a more noticeable role than in previous albums

Best Songs (other than the current single):

1. The Meddler: Because of its powerful chorus and eloquent singing, The Meddler is sure to become a single.

2. Piñata: Its changing rhythm, varied pitch and quick riffs send Piñata towards one of the more played songs on the album.

3. Envy: It’s slow, haunting start gives way to an increasingly heavy chorus that might as well blow your speakers out.