Album Review: Coldplay enters 2012 with new, electronic sound

Album Review: Coldplay enters 2012 with new, electronic sound

Sebastian De Castro, staff writer

After 11 years since their initial debut, Coldplay has finally released their fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto, while moving into a more mainstream, electronic-pop sound. Nostalgic fans will certainly feel betrayed with Coldplay’s new style of music, abandoning their old style of Brit-pop and anthemic rock.

Each song in the album varies from one another, ranging from an oasis of electronic symphonies to an all-acoustic unplugged track. The album has a new wave sense to it, since all the synthesizers recreates the electro-pop era of the 80’s. Yet, it manages to keep a modern vibe and does not sacrifice Coldplay’s unique sound. By changing their style of music, they keep themselves from stale ground and move into a more progressive genre of electro-pop/rock, guaranteeing a changing fan base, yet growing influence. 

Mylo Xyloto is a story of two people who fall in love with each other in an inhumane society. “Paradise” is easily the best in the album, incorporating electronic synthesizers, a deep chorus, and angelic background singing. It tells the story of a sad girl who dreams of a better place than the life she is currently living in. “U.F.O.” is an unplugged song about the uncertainty of someone’s future after a long-lasting relationship has ended. “Princess of China” features pop singer Rihanna, solidifying the mainstream direction.

It all comes down to personal opinion—whether you welcome Coldplay’s stylistic change or  enjoy their old trademark sound. Either way, Mylo Xyloto is, for Coldplay, an experimental album that searches for a new sound and feel to welcome a new decade of musical progression.