Tips for Surviving a Stay at Home Order


Judge KP George issued a stay at home order that is in effect until April 3. Exercising, limiting screen time, and staying informed can help you survive this order.

Yoonsoo (Seth) Choi, Staff Writer

On March 24th, County Judge KP George issued a stay at home order that went into effect at midnight and will last until April 3rd. Here are some tips to survive a stay at home order.

The stay at home order still allows you to exercise, and parks will remain open. Unfortunately, sitting on benches and playing on the basketball courts is prohibited, but you can still take walks or ride your bike. Just remember to stay six feet away from other people. Exercising will help you maintain your mental health and get a breath of fresh air. Another option if you are afraid to venture out is doing a home workout. There are plenty of videos on YouTube you can follow. 

Since we’re spending so much time at home, the temptation is to check social media, binge Disney + or watch YouTube, however, it’s important to limit screen time. After all, we’re spending three and a half hours on online learning every day! Consider reading a book to limit your screen time and be productive. Moreover, track the time you spend on the internet so you are conscious of your screen time. 

Isolation cannot lead to ignorance. Staying informed about the latest developments is key during this pandemic. Johns Hopkins University is tracking the number of deaths, active cases, and recoveries for the world, the United States and counties. Spend time listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease who has been delivering truthful information to the American public in the Whitehouse press briefings. Social media is not a trustworthy source of information. It has spread misinformation, panic and conspiracy theories during this crisis. Therefore, it is important that you are relying on trustworthy sources such as PBS NewsHour, NPR, the New York Times (offering free Coronavirus coverage) and local news stations and newspapers.

Whatever you do remember to social distance, wash your hands and stay at home during the stay at home order.