Tacos A No No

For an inexperienced Tex-Mexer, burrito bowl filled with hazards

Angelica Arinze, Features Editor

It was an average Thursday evening at the Arinze residence. Out of what I presume was a standard mix of boredom and sheer curiosity, my sisters were ordering take out for dinner. This time around, they wanted to try something new—something you don’t hear often in our family when it comes to dining out.

My sisters already had a particular restaurant in mind, so I was glad we didn’t have to embark on the process of picking and choosing a restaurant that would satisfy everyone. They suggested Tacos A Go Go, a new place that recently opened up a couple stores to the left of Panera Bread.

After quickly glancing over the online menu and the photos on the website, it seemed to be a promising decision.

Or so I thought.

Considering I had some homework I needed to get done that night, I simply texted my sister that I wanted a burrito bowl, and they were soon on their way.

30 minutes after they left, I noticed that they were taking a long time and became worried. I texted my sister for an update on how things were going. She shortly replied that they were waiting on the food, so my wave of concern diminished.

After waiting for nearly an hour, they finally arrived with the food. I went to the kitchen where all the boxes of food were placed. I reached for my order which was placed in a neat cardboard box.

Upon opening the box, however, I noticed something was a bit off.

Inside the box there was the usual burrito filling—beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and rice. But there was no tortilla.

They gave me a burrito…without my burrito?

Now, I have to admit—I don’t know a lot about Mexican food. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that there’s a difference between a burrito and a box of burrito innards, and the latter is exactly what I got. Having never ordered a burrito bowl before, I was expecting something a little different.

Maybe a burrito…in the shape of a bowl? You know, like a tortilla that looks kinda like a bowl with burrito innards?

You know?

Anyway, you could probably tell at this point that I wasn’t satisfied with my order. Nonetheless, I wasn’t going to let this ruin my evening. Grabbing my queso, salsa, hot sauce and some store-bought tortillas, I dug in.

I’m not going to lie—they were really tasty burrito innards. I noticed the innards were assembled in layers, but I definitely wasn’t complaining.

When I reached the rice layer, however, I froze.

The rice was far from the problem here. Just the thick serving of peas piled on top of the rice. I’m not much of a seasoned restaurant-goer, but that has to be one of the most bougie things you could possibly do to a burrito bowl.

Now, if you know me pretty well, you would probably know that I hate peas with every fiber of my being. I would rather take a scooter to that ankle any day than eat a single one of those spherical grass-colored abominationsGenuinely trying to not be more melodramatic that I already was at that point, I picked out the peas, shut up and ate my box of meat.

Looking back at the experience, I should’ve realized that a burrito bowl doesn’t really mean a bowl-shaped burrito.  As ridiculous as this story probably sounds, I did learn an important lesson:

Don’t be adventurous when it comes to food.

When it comes to restaurant food sometimes being picky is good. Especially when you realize that you just paid $10 dollars for a box of assorted burrito innards. How bougie.

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