No vaccination for Senioritis


Dominique Bai, Design Editor

I sit there staring at my calculus homework, hoping it disappears, but it still lies there waiting for me to solve its problems. Every time I lift up my hand, it just drops back down like a dead fish, and I resort back to the Internet and put the seemingly evil Calculus homework off to the side. I’ll do it first period. I tell myself, but I know that I might not even be awake then. It’s true, I have a bad case of Senioritis.

I remember after eighth grade I was so excited for high school that I signed up for all Pre-AP classes to excel as a star student. Even with swimming and art, I could still work tirelessly so that my homework would get done. This trend continued on to junior year, and I ended up pulling my first all-nighter. I don’t know what motivation I had to stay up a whole night working, but I remember the sense of urgency to get stuff done.

Seriousness. That is what senior year has stripped away from me. Finished with the SAT and college apps, I find no incentive to add decimal numbers to my GPA.

Not only has Senioritis affected my study habits, but it has also brought down my everyday life. First, it starts with slacking in school work, then it begins to affect your everyday habits. I find myself dragging myself up the stairs instead of walking, eating more microwavable food than cooking healthy food and taking frequent naps. After your real life becomes possessed by this disease, you become a hermit and refuse to leave the house.

I find myself laying on the floor completely unmotivated to get up and start working towards my future or anything at all. Reflecting back on senior year as a whole and considering my future, I realize that my work ethic now determines how efficiently I work in the future. Since I do have more down time now, it is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate my goals in life and organize an action plan towards accomplishing those goals.

I will proudly gain back the desire to work in school. Although I have not yet, I will tomorrow.