Aniya Scores Her 1000 Career Points


Nia Chavez

While dribbling up the court competing against Hightower High School, Aniya Foy scored 1000 points as a goal throughout her second and first years of high school on February 13, 2023, walking off with a loss. The Cinco Ranch girls’ basketball team was defeated but focused on the positive as working together.

“Playing on the court for me isn’t about losing or winning. It’s about putting in my best effort for the team,” Foy said. 

Many motivations drive Foy to do what she wants, whether inspired by people or different things. Without Foy being a follower of Michael Jordan, she wouldn’t excel as a leader. 

“I was aware that playing against Tompkins, I would make my thousand points,” Foy said. As the season kept progressing, I kept track”. 

Setting goals for herself has helped Foy with focus and direction, whether it’s playing basketball or doing schoolwork. Setting that goal allowed her to measure her progress in scoring 1000 points. 

“I go out and play the game how I usually do and not overthink it,” Foy said. “So I wouldn’t have difficulty scoring my 7 points.”

Foy proceeds with her routine of playing on the court with her teammates. Even though they suffered a loss, they cooperated well as a team. 

“Some advice I would have for others is to make sure they’re having fun while doing it,” Foy said. “Don’t make it seem like it’s a job; you want to keep working on your goals and do what you want to do with basketball in your life, but just to keep your relationships and learn from the people you look up to because it helps out a lot,” Foy said.

Foy has been playing basketball since she was six years old. While growing up, she took much inspiration and advice from others. Meeting her goals and giving advice to others makes her feel accomplished and promising. 

“What attracted me to play basketball was Michael Jordan because he was my biggest idol,” Foy said. “When I was little, I wanted to be just like him.” 

As much advice she has taken from others, she hopes she can do the same and watch her peers accomplish their goals.