The Ultimate Must-Watch For This Holiday Season


Nia Chavez

The Santa Clause 

An old classic, Taking place in Canada, Santa Clause is about a dad and his son trying to save Christmas. Dad, Scott Calvin had a divorce with ex-wife, Laura Miller. Charlie, his son, was brought to Scott’s house over the break to spend the holidays. Laura is so infuriated with the thought that Scott doesn’t believe in Santa Claus and wants Charlie to know the same. Being infatuated with that also being that they have a divorce. Scott hears something on his chimney accidentally killing Santa clause. He then is magically transported to the north pole while coming across an elf telling him he needs to take Santa’s place. He thinks he’s dreaming but Scott slowly starts to turn into Santa clause by weight gain and a white beard. 

A Christmas Story

Being so mesmerized with a Christmas gift Ralphie and his little brother peter stumble upon a display in a local store realizing that the only thing that Ralphie actually wants is –An official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-hundred shot range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and something that tells him the time. Ralphie plans a mission for his parents to be able to buy it for him because he thinks they won’t. But he accidentally tells his mom. He’s always pictured and dreamed about defending and helping his family. Raplhie goes through many trials and tribulations into getting what he really wants for Christmas. 

A Christmas Carol 

One cold Christmas Eve, Scrooge is unkind to the people who work for him, then refuses to give to charity, and then is rude to his nephew when he invites him to spend Christmas with him. When Scrooge gets home, he is acquainted with the ghost of his old business partner Jacob Marley. Not one but three ghosts. Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future. The ghosts show Scrooge different parts of his life in comparison to those ghosts. He realizes that money will not make a person happy; it is what they value. Finally, When he wakes up on Christmas Day he is full of excitement, and buys the biggest turkey in the shop for the Cratchit family before spending the day with his nephew, full of the joys of Christmas. 

The Night Before Christmas 

Being so used to Halloween and the same routine Jack Skellington gets tired of it. When walking in the wonders of the woods. He stumbles upon a Christmas holiday tree. He experiences the lights, colors, and the joy and is very amused by all of it. He wonders if he can bring Christmas to his control by kidnapping Santa Claus and taking over his role. He doesn’t know that it could possibly go wrong. 

The Little Drummer Boy

On a cold night a young boy is kidnapped but he is able to escape. He then goes searching for his camel and finds him at the birth of baby Jesus. He gives baby Jesus the only gift he has; a song from his drums. This song takes a turn on to the only thing baby Jesus responds to. The drummer boy often hated his life until he met 3 men on the way to Bethlehem. 

The Polar Express

On Christmas Eve, a young boy is stuck between whether he believes in Santa Claus or not. In the middle of the night he hears a loud train called “The Polar Express”  that shakes his entire house but only he wakes up to it. He goes on a self-discovery journey to show him that if you “believe” it will bring you wonders of life itself. On this journey he meets a lot of people and sees things that start to test his faith. 

Jingle All The Way

Howard, Father of his son, Jamie wants to make things up for Jamie on Christmas since he is so busy with work. He promises Jamie the Turbo-man; the most popular toy out during this time. Taking place on Christmas Eve it’s a struggle for Howard to get the gift but he’ll do anything to get it even if it’s racking down a mail-man who coincidentally is on the same mission as Howard. With little time left before it’s Christmas Howard finally realizes the true meaning of Christmas and to be able to spend it with your loved ones. 

Christmas Chronicles

Two siblings Kate and Teddy plan a scheme to capture Santa Claus. Noticing Santa Claus in their home they both jump into his sleigh and go on an unexpected journey. They both cause the sleigh to crash, losing all the presents. It’s now up to Teddy and Kate to save Christmas before anything else happens. Teddy and Kate pull it all together by believing in themselves and having the help of teamwork and Santa Claus. 


Around the Christmas time of the year it always feels good to have a plus one and that special kiss under the mistletoe. Except for Sloane, having a stay home job that always keeps her in her home and alone is something that she is so much used to and doesn’t have an issue with. But her loved ones around her do, her mom talks her into finding someone to spend the holidays with and enjoy it. Sloane takes it into consideration and meets a stranger. They both agree to be each other’s plus ones as friends to do holiday activities only to catch feelings for each other.