What Great Sportsmanship League Is?


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Full length shot of a diverse group of sportsmen huddled together before playing rugby during the day

Rickelle Henderson

GSL or Great Sportsmanship League is an organization designed for students to get excited about school events and to feel like a part of a welcoming community. The GSL is in charge of several activities designed to encourage school spirit, such as walking the football field to show sportsmanship, making posters recognizing and highlighting the contributions of every organization in school and exchanging goodie bags/get announced at football games to show (figure what word i’m trying to say). They attend many sports events, creating themes for each game to get the student section excited.

“We wear our jerseys or congregate in groups to cheer on our fellow Cougars.” Habikia Mneney said. Football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer are many of the sports/organizational events they show up to, to show Cinco pride.The officers of GSL, Abby Roup and Habikia Mneney, make all of this happen. Abby Roup who is a senior is a part of PALS and Young Life and was involved in Cougar Stars. GSL is a group of spirited Cougars, who love to show their support to any and all classmates! GSL is completely for everyone, no matter your schedules and commitments you can always find a way to be a part of the league.” Roup said. 

Roup and Mneney exemplify the nature of the GSL, participating in several other demanding activities at Cinco, such as Young Life, PALS, and the Student Council. “We like to deem ourselves as a ‘if you know you know’ type of club, since it’s been a club at Cinco for a while until Abby and I took it by the horns and skyrocketed it’s popularity and relevance”, Habikia says. “We hope the club grows after we graduate and does even bigger things for the athletic department and their athletes at Cinco” Both Abby and Habikia say. They always post on their instagram that week off the events going on for Cinco athletes and tell you times, locations, and themes and anything to stay organized on everything happening at Cinco.

GSL is a great way for students to feel involved in something but not feel pressured to not have other obligations and to have fun while supporting your fellow cougars in things they love to do. A group of solid, determined girls work very hard to make everything that needs to be announced or done, get done without any hard guidelines or stress. This league is for everyone who can work hard but still have fun at the same time and they hope it grows and prospers when they pass it on to the next class!