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Yongyin Angel Huang
First-year as a staff writer but her last year at Cinco Ranch. Angel is excited to create final memories with her new team and new friends! She has a love for photography and a semi-dysfunctional relationship with writing, Angel hopes that she can cover up her mediocre writing skills with her semi better photography skills that contain her ultimate skills of screenshotting zoom calls. Angel has been in many different clubs and extracurriculars over the years, but this year she's trying "minimalism". Shes currently in County Line newspaper, Key Club, and a new club called Social Advocacy Society (SAS) which is her new passion. After 3 whole years of constant failure, Angel learned the importance of balance and reflection, she wants to do her best at the things she loves. Angel loves watching cartoons (her favorite is Bob's Burgers), analytical movies like Parasite, and reading murder mysteries like Cold Blooded by Carlton Smith. She also enjoys spending time with her sister gang and making memories with them. As her final year of high school is coming to an end, Angel chases for change and hope she can make a difference through social advocacy and civic engagement, she wants to make this world a better place.

Yongyin Angel Huang

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Yongyin Angel Huang