Theme Day Mishap


Jada Joshua, Staff Writer

Here at Cinco Ranch High School Homecoming is a time to renew our school spirit and come together to celebrate. During our most recent Homecoming Week, controversy erupted. The Good Sportsmanship League (GSL) and the newly formed Student Section bumped heads over the HOCO theme days, with the Student Council (StuCo) also having to step in and make an appearance.  


Historically Cheer has organized and chosen the theme days, but with Varsity Football bringing back CPOE, the Student Section wanted an input in the theme days. While the Student Section is more of an informal group, they have gained traction through social media and show up to more of Cinco’s sports events than the cheerleaders. Khalil Khenayzir, a member of the student section, says “we wanted different theme days because we felt that for the past few years we always have [had] the same theme days.” Wielding their newfound popularity, an Instagram post by “cinco_studentsection” put out a brand new set of theme days just in time for Homecoming Week. “Some of the themes were inspired by… things on social media,” says Khenayzir. The post boasted theme days never seen at Cinco Ranch, such as, Country Vs. Country Club and Business Day. Despite the hype created by the student section’s post, the turnout was not even across the school because it was not backed by an official group. 


After the Student Section’s takeover hit the wind, StuCo and GSL also wanted an input. They ended up posting their own editions for Homecoming Week, creating waves of confusion across the student body. Cheer did their best to get the “correct” and official information out, but with all of the confusion, the student body was less than enthusiastic to dress up for theme days, and risk being the odd ones out. 


This wonky Homecoming week led to many changes and ushered in a new era for theme day decisions at Cinco Ranch. The Student Council has made an effort to be more present in theme day decisions, so that the student body has more input, hopefully keeping any other insurrections at bay. The GSL has agreed to continue to let the Student Council decide theme days for Red Ribbon week and will work to make things more even. Cheer will head the final decisions and allow the other groups to advise. At the end of the day, Mr.Cross, principal of Cinco Ranch, will approve. The student body is excited to see what happens for the next theme day week.