Trial and tribulations of tennis

As spring tennis season starts players begin honing their skills


Photo by Alice Liang

Nicole Campbell, Staff Writer

Tennis season is upon us, and coaches and players alike are approaching it with a tenacious attitude, fine tuning the players individual talents. The Cinco tennis team will be going to districts April 2, and have already begun preparing. 

“It is my last year so I’m pretty much excited for every tournament that comes our way,” varsity player, Sam Hamoy said. “ I’m definitely excited for districts since that will be our final tournament. Even if I don’t play, I’ll be ready to cheer on the team.”

The coaches are preparing the players by holding hour long practices every Monday. There have already been three tournaments, the last one was held Feb. 18, against multiple schools such as Katy High School, and Memorial High School. 

“When I’ve lost, the coaches would tell me I did a good job, despite the loss,” junior varsity player, Silin Alkour said. “Our coaches also tell us about ways we can improve in a certain technique like using a continental grip for serves.”

Tournaments tend to last entire days and often take place in different districts. They offer a chance for the players to prepare for district competition, and perfect their abilities. However, tournaments can double as bonding experience. 

“We’ve also been focusing more on some team bonding, we have team dinners after every tournament, it helps a lot with morale and even our game,” Hamoy said.

This season is more driven towards the individual players, and their abilities alone. Players are rotated, based on the coaches’ decisions, they are put into divisions and play in brackets. 

“I’m honestly excited to hopefully win a medal,” Alkour said. “The most exciting part is honestly, to hopefully win the matches. It would be nice to go back home knowing that you were successful.”

Districts will take place during April and May, leaving a vital month for the players to prepare. During this time they will play matches against each other, and figure out where people are on the range of skill. 

“I reflect on how I could improve and what I did wrong and how I can improve and try to focus on my weaknesses,” Alkour said .