Cinco Defeats Memorial 51-0

Brynne Herzfeld, Voice Editor

Wide receiver Greg Williams ran 56 yards to score the first touchdown for the Cougars in a decisive 51-0 victory against Memorial on Thursday, September 8. As Cinco pushed against the Memorial defense, running back Ethan Cook scored a1-yard touchdown. Kicker Brandon Contreras scored a 25-yard field goal, ending the first quarter with a 17-0 Cinco lead.

Quarterback Brant Kuithe opened the second quarter with a 31-yard touchdown, and minutes later, safety Ben Mathiasmeier recovered a Memorial fumble and ran 43-yards for a Cinco touchdown. With one more touchdown by Kuithe, halftime began with Cinco leading 37-0.

When Memorial kicked off the second half, Kuithe caught the ball in the Memorial endzone and ran 100 yards for a Cinco touchdown within the first 15 seconds of the third quarter. Memorial held Cinco for the rest of the third quarter, with Cinco firmly in the lead, 44-0. In the fourth quarter, Cinco scored another 1-yard touchdown courtesy of running back Tollie Bordeaux, and the game closed with a final score of 51-0 Cinco. The next football game will be on Friday, September 16 against Katy High School against Katy High School.