Swimmers splash to districts

Madeline Brisson, Sports Editor

As the boys and girls swim team strives to succeed in every meet this season, one word stands out in their minds: precedent. Over the past nine years, the girls have set a precedent of winning at the district level, a precedent they hope to prolong with each stroke. The boys also predict greatness from their team this season after a win against rival Kingwood.

Last year at state, senior Amanda Moore and juniors Kathryn Carson, Erin Sutton, and Sarah Medellin finished tenth in the 400m free relay, and Moore, Carson, Medellin and graduate Avery Huessner finished tenth in the 400m free relay. Carson also placed 14th individually in the 50m free and has high expectations this year as the team nears districts, regionals, and potentially state.

“I honestly think that our girl’s team can win districts and regionals if we put our mind to it,” Carson said. “I am hoping that all of our relays go to state this year as well.  My team goals are for us to win districts. I think it would be awesome if our team could do it as a whole.”

The boys’ team managed to beat Kingwood in a close call and due to losses to Kingwood in previous years, this win gave the boys a boost in confidence.

“Cinco has always had a very strong girl’s team and I see that continuing onto this year,” senior Preston Becker said. “I also see a very strong boy’s team. We managed to beat Kingwood this year, a team that has always been one of the hardest to go against.”

Swimming coach Christie Patterson has a history of leading the swimmers to victories and, just like in past years, the team is confident in her coaching.

“Coach Patterson is known for being a very hard coach, but that is why we are so successful as a team,” Becker said. “Coach is very strict on performance and attendance, but it’s the fact that she pushes us every day to our limits. Pushing us harder than we believe we can go is what makes us successful.”

Swimming is known for its difficult work outs that are done in and out of the pool, especially ‘hell week’.

“Hell Week is built up to be death, but it honestly isn’t,” senior Lindsay Davies said. “What makes it hard is the fact that we are constantly swimming for two hours without any rest. The best feeling is at the end of the week when you have completed it and realize that you have swum about 47,550 yards which is around 27 miles.”

Although the team this year has more underclassmen than previous years, Carson still sees a lot of potential for this season.

“Our strengths are that we work hard and we are determined to do something this year,” Carson said. “Personally, I think our team has natural talent, and coach helps us improve it, so that we can win this year.”