New Year’s Resolution

Is It Fact Or Fiction?


Nia Chavez

As 2023 starts with a bang, many students look forward to setting goals for the new year.

The meaning behind the new year’s resolution is new beginnings and to do something different. Some students don’t think it makes sense because they think, who will follow their new year’s resolution? While others think it’s great to help them with change or getting out of bad habits. 

“I never had a new year’s resolution,” Alpha Khan said. “I feel that it’s more of a personal connection with yourself and the fact of being able to change, not because a calendar tells you to but a reminder that you and everyone around you should change for the better of themselves”

Having a new year’s resolution can also mean setting goals. Not for yourself but for other students as well. 

“I don’t understand the concept of new years resolution,” Casey Williams said. “I have made several new year’s resolutions and I never follow them. I feel like at first, I’ll follow my news resolution and then I stop because I get lazy or I tell myself this doesn’t do anything for me ”.

Students may struggle with a lack of time, lack of motivation, or an issue with starting to follow their resolutions. The problem some students may have is they are not specific enough with what goal they want to reach. 

“I made a new years resolution to stay consistent in the gym because it helps me a lot, especially with my mental health and it teaches me discipline,” said Marley Miller. 

Not only does new year’s resolution help you set goals but it helps you with structure and being able to discipline yourself with things you set your mind up for. 

“I was able to see my true colors and see what I’m truly capable of,” said Morgan Gomez. I always ran track, but later on, down the line, I set a goal to try new things instead of running long distances. For example, I would’ve never thought about doing relay races and I fell in love with it and I also notice I am way more consistent with it”.

Having goals for yourself can change your perspective on how you view yourself and other things.