What it Would Mean to HOCO Court to Win HOCO King or Queen


HOCO candidates

Chelsea Caballero, Staff Writer

Jackson Kimble

“My freshman year, the head drum major of our band won HOCO queen and I looked up to her more than i look up to anyone else. If I get crowned as HOCO king I will feel like I’m closer to living up to the example that she set for me my. I’m honestly just glad that I got to know so many awesome people in our student body through my years in high school.”


Selina Bakieva

“Winning Homecoming Queen has been a forever dream of mine since the fourth grade. Being selected to represent the Cinco Ranch student body would be such an honor and indication that I set a good example for others. This sense of leadership will serve as one of the most cherished experiences that I will carry with me to further areas of study and work. I love the Cinco Ranch community and I hope to leave a positive lasting impression for everyone part of this strong family.”


Britney Nguyen

“Winning HOCO queen for me means love! It is such a strong symbol of the love in this community and the relationships I’ve been blessed to build. There has been so much support throughout this whole process which has made it so much fun and we had the best group on court. Winning queen would be an absolute.”


Sabine Choi

“It would be something I will be really proud to tell my dad who is away in Japan right now. I miss him and since he can’t be with me out on the field, winning queen will be such a great news to tell him.”


Emilie Wakeman

“It would be a special honor to be recognized as Homecoming Queen, having known several other fantastic people who received this recognition. It would validate all the hard work and sacrifices I’ve made in my extracurricular activities and the effort I’ve put into engaging and supporting all students from each class. It’s vital to represent our school in a proper way and encourage others to do the same so that Cinco Ranch can be the best high school in KISD for future students!!”