The COVID’s in the Water!


Nicha Bruce

During this pandemic, there have been numerous sources that provide citizens with valuable information concerning the spread of the virus, symptoms, and treatments. However, within this vast bank of knowledge, mills of misinformation exist among credible sources that sought to politicize the pandemic and villainize the vaccine. In this article, we will go over some of the most popular myths about COVID.


MYTH: The COVID’s in the water!

TRUTH: COVID-19 is an airborne virus and has not been known to transmit through water. The virus has not been detected in treated water as the filtration systems and treatment methods should remove or inactivate the virus.


MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccine makes you magnetic

TRUTH: None of the vaccines contain metals or any ingredients that will produce an electromagnetic field around your arm.


MYTH: The COVID-19 vaccine will make you sick with COVID-19
TRUTH: The vaccine does not have the live virus so it is unable to infect you and make you sick with COVID-19.


MYTH: Saline nasal wash can prevent infection against COVID-19

TRUTH: There is no evidence that saline nasal wash will prevent infection and it is not documented that saline can kill viruses.


MYTH: 5G mobile networks transmit the virus

TRUTH: Viruses cannot be spread across radio waves and mobile networks, and COVID is being spread rapidly in countries that lack 5G mobile networks. 


MYTH: The immunity you get from having COVID-19 is better than the immunity from the vaccine

TRUTH: Getting the vaccine is a safer way to develop immunity than getting sick with COVID-19 can lead to unpredictable symptoms and side effects.


MYTH: Adding pepper to your meals will prevent the spread of the virus

TRUTH: Adding peppers to your food may be a delicious way to season your meals but do not prevent the spread of COVID-19. Peppers have not been documented to kill or slow the virus.


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