Introducing new Miss Texas Teen Latina- Andrea Manzanillo


Photo Cred: Robert Manzanillo

Nicole Campbell, Staff Writer

Flashing lights, and long nights, the world of pageantry is more than it seems. Cinco Ranch senior, Andrea Manzanillo, is not only familiar with these demands but can proclaim herself a master after winning Miss Texas Teen Latina. 

“I couldn’t believe that I actually won,” said Manzanillo. “I felt really accomplished and very proud of myself because the hard work I put in ended up being incredibly worth it. It’s been a while since I have truly felt proud of myself for something, so it definitely brought back my confidence and self love.” 

She started her journey with cookies. By running her own cookie business she was able to help cover the expenses that came with entering the pageant. There were many other ways she began to prepare herself.

“Physically, as well as mentally, I went to the gym every day at 5:00am and fell in love with it, as well as maintained a healthy diet to feel my best, which I did and still do,” said Manzanillo. 

From preparing physically, mentally and financially, a pageant requires a lot of hard work. This isn’t taking into consideration the travel, time, and practice that goes into it as well. But everything can be improved with the help of friends. 

The girls I met during the competition were some of the most supportive, and kindest girls I’ve ever met,” said Manzanillo. “Everyone was there for each other, we really helped each other out with anything. It was honestly so refreshing to see women supporting women while having so much fun. I will forever be grateful for that.”

However, a pageant queen’s story doesn’t end after she wins. There are still events to be attended and appearances to be made. 

“As Miss Teen Texas Latina, I am able to attend events to support special organizations, I get to do so much community service, and I get to speak in front of a group of people and be a role model to young queens as well as a representative of the Latinx community,” said Manzanillo. 

The role of being a pageant queen is slowly being redefined through the years, and she is helping to contribute to this change. 

“Even if I hadn’t won, I know I would’ve left feeling supported and beautiful,” said Manzanillo. “Like I mentioned before, this pageant truly helped me find myself again. I came back to being happy, outgoing, and most importantly, confident. Not because of the crown. But because of all the people that I was able to meet on the way there, and all the rest I have yet to meet. This was a milestone for me and I’m so glad I took the chance. This whole side of pageantry is more than just the dictionary term of beauty. It’s much more about personality, authenticity and encouragement, and I definitely would encourage any girl to try it out for themselves to make their own mark in the world.”