Band Heading to UIL State in Era of Covid


Rickelle Henderson, Staff Writer

The new school year brings another marching season affected by COVID-19, this time affected by the delta variant. According to several students, the band directors are working to keep students marching. High school band students here at Cinco Ranch High School have looked forward to the performances and traditions that have brought them together for many years. But still in 2021, start of yet another school year, the Cougar Band may still be disrupted by COVID-19, and those traditions that they are looking forward to may look a little different. 


 “I am very excited but am still very cautious”… ninth-grade student Ngyuen, says “I want to have fun and embrace everything, but there’s always the threat of COVID-19 on my mind and ruining another year.” The fall semester is busy, with football games and competitions, all leading up to the regional UIL contest in mid-October. Plus, there’s the area and state contests, if the Cougars are eligible to move on. COVID-19 has significantly changed the way that high school marching bands do things and have been modified band operations that have affected students and their sense of community and togetherness. 

“Well, everyone in the band can agree that last year was not normal. Leor Arbel Says,  With all the Covid guidelines, it was very limited to what we could and could not do. It’s amazing to get back to somewhat of a normal marching season where we don’t have a whole bunch of things holding us back. Being a senior, you get to see the band in a different way than anyone else. You’re with a group of juniors who have never experienced a normal state season, a group of sophomores who have never experienced a normal marching season, and a group of freshmen who have never experienced any marching band at all. You get to be the tool that helps everyone else. It’s really nice being in this special group of individuals, because we all have the potential to do some really great things”.

Now, almost two school years later, although this year comes with more freedom. There are now two classes that haven’t really marched at all and then the ones that have marched, because of the time away, are having to be retaught. There is a lot to catch up on when you look at it from the perspective that half of the band has never marched before in High School.  The freshmen have never done it and that’s not unusual. But this year, the sophomores have also never done it. There is a serious effort to basically start over and try to re-build again in a lot of ways, and that can be a challenge, but the Cougar Band is up for it. 

However, They are ready to try to have a great year and go through the process again just to see everyone learning the ropes and having something to be excited about. The band is looking forward to an amazing year in the spirit of this year’s theme, “Bright and Beautiful”.