Encore Ascends To The Crown

Encore Dance Company Tells Story In “AscenDance”


Trinity Smith

The Encore Dance Company leads the 2019 Homecoming Parade with Cougar spirit.

Joshua Piper, Staff Writer

After a successful season last year, the Cinco Ranch High School Marching Band has begun contest season for its 2019 marching show. The show, entitled AscenDance, tells the story of queens rising to power. AscenDance begins focusing on the band, who are portrayed as the kings, but the focus shifts to the queens, portrayed by the Encore Dance Company. The rest of the show depicts the Encore’s AscenDance to power. 

“This year’s show is centered around the dance aspect and that’s really special for us because we get to kind of highlight ourselves,” Encore Captain, Kelli Oliver stated, “We feel really highlighted, and that is giving the girls confidence to really put everything into their performance.” 

Since the dance team’s establishment, there hasn’t been a show to put the spotlight on Encore. AscenDance marks a huge change in the marching band as the show didn’t have a theme, but instead has a plot.

 “I was so excited,” Oliver explained,”There is more of a story to it, and I feel we are able to act through that and tell a story. That’s why I was so excited.”

The Encore’s performance is accompanied by the band’s music and marching, but the show primarily tells a story about women rising to power in a world where men have such dominant roles. This message is propelled by the Encore’s expressive dancing.

“I think all the girls can [relate],” Senior Lieutenant Akshadha Nair said.

“Girls in general,” Encore Sponsor, Mrs. Cockerham, added.

Encore is outside three hours a day in the heat, yet the dedication they have to their performance is astounding. The dance company, as a part of the band, has weeks of summer rehearsals. Encore is working to achieve at the highest level, and the future seems bright.

The Encore and the rest of the Cinco Ranch Marching Band recently competed in the Baytown U.S. Bands contest and got second place. They will be performing the entirety of their marching show after the homecoming game along with competing at the Bands Of America Contest this Saturday. 

“Through it all Encore is a family, and that’s what keeps us going forward”,First Lieutenant, Andreina Bruno, expressed,”Encore isn’t just a group of friends sharing the same love. It’s a family where we can make that bond together,”