Wedding Of The Year

Panorama Yearbook staff marries the 2019-20 yearbook

Celeste Hoover, Co-Editor

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  • Staff members Audrey Alanis and Gabrielle Djomo recieve their rings before the ceremony

  • Adviser Ed Larsen officiates as Christopher Thompson, Emma Beard, Abigail Fosburgh, and Nicha Bruce promise to love their Yearbook in sickness and in health.

  • Staff members Isabella Supelano, Gabrielle Djomo, and Esha Nigudkar link pinkies as they wed the Yearbook.

  • Gabrielle Djomo, and Isabella Supelano listen to Adviser Ed Larsen after promising to standby their Yearbook in richness or poorness of budget.

  • Christopher Thompson, Alefiyah Shabbir, and Nia Zink link pinkies after exchanging plastic rings.

  • Nicha Bruce, Abigail Fosburgh, and Emma Beard smile before declaring 'I do.'

  • Nicha Bruce, Abigail Fosburgh, Emma Beard laugh and hug after being pronounced Staff and Yearbook.

  • Adviser Ed Larsen cuts into the wedding cake after delivering a beautiful ceremony.

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With the beginning of a new school year comes an annual celebration of love in Room 1221. Last Tuesday, Aug. 27, in a beautiful 2.5 ceremony ordained by Adviser Ed Larsen, the Cinco Ranch Panorama Yearbook staff promised to be forever faithful to their new yearbook. Tears were shed and wedding cake eaten while staff members linked pinkies, exchanged rings, and happily said ‘I do’. If the staff holds true to their matrimonial vows, the 2019-2020 yearbook promises to be outstanding. 

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