2019-2020 Class Officers Announced

Nandika Mansingka, Editor-In-Chief

As each year winds down, leadership is passed down from one grade to another: seniors hand down their respective roles to juniors, who hand theirs down to sophomores, and so on and so forth.

After a lengthy campaign process, including speeches, numerous campaign posters and ballot counting, the baton has been passed down, and 2019-2020 class officers have been chosen for the upcoming senior, junior and sophomore classes. 


Class of 2020

President – Harris Hafeez

Vice President – Fareeha Alam

Secretary – Molly McCluskey

Treasurer – Nora El Sherif

Historian – Alice Liang


Class of 2021

President – Megan Steinberg

Vice President – Zachary Moore

Secretary – Erin McDaniel

Treasurer – Nolan Rowell

Historian – Maria Schueler


Class of 2022

President – Annabelle Du

Vice President – Angelica Sharma

Secretary – Patrick Pappas

Treasurer – Emily White

Historian – Avery Ramirez


As next fall creeps closer, these class officers will get their chance to voice their opinions on behalf of their classes, and implement changes as they see fit alongside school administration. Students and teachers look forward to their future endeavors in improving Cinco Ranch and the community.