‘Mega Lunch’ proposal cancelled

Joe Powell, Staff Writer

The plan to have a ‘Mega Lunch’ system set to begin in the 2018-2019 school year has been terminated and normal lunchesare planned instead. Mr. Cross sent out an email on Friday, March 2 that detailed the fate of the proposal.

“I wanted to let you know due to various concerns the district has said we would not be able to move forward with mega-lunch for the 2018-19 school year,” Mr. Cross said. “We will continue to put our heads together to find the best ways to serve our kiddos.  I want to thank you for your willingness and enthusiasm to try something different.”

The original plan was to implement a new policy eliminating staggered half-hour lunches and instead introduce an hour interval of free time for the entire student body. The idea at one point seemed to be a sure thing.

The Mega Lunch was set to be between fourth and fifth periods. Students would have received one hour to eat lunch, attend tutoring or just relax. The plan was to open the entire building to everyone, and funds would have been used to supply more benches and open up more areas for student use. Both cafeterias would have been open, and lunch would also have been served from previously unused concession stands.