Exemption policy sees changes post-Harvey

Semester Exemption cards available for pick-up during lunches this week.

Nandika Mansingka, Voice Editor

Ed Larsen
Semester finals begin Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 12. Exemption cards are due to grade level principals by the end of the school day Monday.

The 2017-2018 school year exemption policy was modified as a result of Hurricane Harvey’s disruption of the district instructional calendar. Policies were adjusted for the first semester to account for personal issues arisen in Harvey’s wake.

Only the second and third grading periods of the first semester of the school year will be counted to evaluate eligibility for exemptions. This was mainly established to act as a cushion for students whose lives were affected by the flooding, and may not have viable transportation or supplies readily available.

Students may exempt a class if they meet district standards for only 2nd and 3rd six weeks, and if they don’t have a conduct grade of U in any class.

District grade, attendance and application requirements for earning exemption status are the same as before:

Course average of A (90-100) with no more than 3 absences

Course average of B (80-89) with no more than 2 absences

Course average of C (75-79) with no more than 1 absences

Freshmen may exempt one exam, sophomores may exempt two exams, juniors may exempt three exams and seniors may exempt three during the fall and all during the spring semester. Students other than seniors are still prohibited from exempting the same class in both semesters.

Exemptions cards are being distributed during lunches this week in the main commons and 9th grade cafeteria. Cards must be signed by teachers and returned to grade level principals by Monday, Dec. 11.